about us
About us
"D-media" literally means "Different media".

Why have we chosen this name?....

We have chosen it because it is an expression of our concepts and ideas for the entire behaviour and image of the company. For us being "different" in the advertising business does not end only with the ability to create unique and innovatory product ...

Following specific behaviour, we upgrade the "unique products" trying to offer professional service and advice, partnership in "friendly atmosphere", high-grade and timely accomplishment of the orders and service, activity on the territory of the whole country, competitive prices and periodic promotions. We offer partnership on the basis of the principle of feedback, namely realization of the advertising spaces – owned by the client, notwithstanding if they are made by us or by another company. As an example we can give our relations with two of the biggest trade complexes in Veliko Turnovo - Central Mall and Trade Park - Veliko Turnovo.

As you can see we emphasize extremely on the long-term relations with our clients because the best partnerships are accomplished when they are mutually beneficial! This company consistency gave result by placing "D-media" LTD as one of the leading companies in the advertising branch in the region only in the period of 2 years!

Nowadays "D-media" LTD is a progressively and dynamically developing company with a high market share, complete production and transport basis, which has a lot of specialists - divided in several working groups which provide the company with the potential to do several activities in one and the same time and in this way meeting the requirements of its multiple present and future clients."

"D-media" Ltd. invests in high-grade and modern technologies and its final aim is to develope material basis with completely closed cycle of production. By having its own resources, the company guarantees security and promptness in the accomplishment of the tasks.

This summary presents our "different" understanding about how the advertisement should be made which really works in favour of the clients and the presentation of their product.