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The technology gives an opportunity for light advertisements at a reasonable price and a short term for development. The facilities can be with standard and non-standard shape. The standard box is parallelipiped with non-transparent sides, back and transparent face. They are suitable for light friezes. The non-standard boxes may have irregular shape (to be arched, trapezium-shaped, some parts to protrude or to sink, etc.) or to be a combination of a box with big texts or a box with engraved texts.

1. Types of light boxes according to the construction:
- with a face made of plexiglass – construction from metal, face from opal plexiglass, with transluscent foil mounted on it, sides and back from zinc-coated sheet iron in a chosen colour.
- with a face made of vinyl - construction from aluminium profiles, sides and back from aluminium lids, system for stretching vinyl, printed vinyl for back illumination
- combined option – it is possible an option for a light box with a face from vinyl, but with a metal construction and sides with back from zinc-coated sheet iron in a chosen colour.

2. Types of light boxes according to the source of light:
• - illuminated with luminescent lamps:
• Advantage - reasonable price, short term for assembly
• Disadvantage – high risk from burning of the lamps, high consumption of energy

• - LED illuminated:
• Advantage – low consumption of energy, regular and bright light
• Disadvantage – higher price and a longer term for assembly