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D-media LTD offers design, development, installation of stickers and whole branding of vehicles.

According to the type of making, the stickers are divided into:
  Stickers from colour pvc foil cut on a plotter – a suitable format for texts and geometric figures with one or more colours.
  Advantages – the stickers are shape cut and the material is of a colour structure, which this gives longer life of the colour image - up to 10 years
  Disadvantages - without an option of full colour images.
  Stickers from printed pvc foil – a suitable format for partial or complete sticking over of vehicles
  Advantages – an option for full colour images. It is also possible shape cutting.
  Disadvantages – the structure of the material is white pvc and the colour is applied with inks for solvent print. The life of the colour image is up to 3 years.

According to the type of material:
  Stickers from standard pvc foil – suitable for smooth surfaces
  Advantages – low cost price
  Disadvantages – unsuitable for curves and bent elements
  Stickers from automobile CAST foil – suitable for all kinds of surfaces
  Advantages – they can be stuck on doors, hoods, fenders and all kinds of curved elements
  Disadvantages – high cost price

Note: It is desirable the stickers to be laminated irrespective of their type and structure. Application – for sticking over cars, mini-buses, pick-ups, lorries, buses and all types of vehicles.